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I haven’t abandoned you.


I haven’t posted in a million years. Sorry!! But here’s the deal.

I’ve been approximately everywhere except for my own home in the past month. I went down to Santa Cruz to work a couple long weekends in a row, I’ve gone to New York, and then BACK down to Santa Cruz to work, and then to some family get-togethers.

Being home feels soooooo good. You don’t even know. Although next week I’m packing up and going, where else? DISNEYLAND!!!!

Uuuuugh SO excited!!

Anywho, I figured I’d do a life update to fill you guys in until I can get another post up, which SHOULD be soon.

Like I said, I’ve been on planes, trains, and automobiles (buses, blarg) for the past month. I’m still doing all my great new healthy stuff, and I’m happy to say I’ve lost about 25 pounds! Cool, right?

And, as we all know, the best part of it all (besides the losing weight part or whatever) are the cheat days.

Normally I start to feel ill around 11 am, and I just work through the pain for the rest of the day. Cheat days require dedication. And I am very dedicated to them.

Two weeks ago on a cheat day I discovered one of my new favorite places on earth. It’s called Max Brenner, it’s in New York in Union Square, and it’s pretty much Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.

The boyfriend and I split bacon macaroni and cheese for dinner and then shared a dessert. And are you guys ready for this? It was a churro fondue.

Churro. Fondue.

One more time. Churro fondue. Oh muh lawd. They give you six fairly large churros along with pots of melted chocolate and toffee, and a bowl of raspberry preserves. I so gracefully pretty much made-out with four of the churros. I kindly allowed the boyfriend to enjoy two.

Have I mentioned I lost 25 pounds?

Then last Sunday was Easter, or Feaster as it’s known among my group of friends.

I’m not sure how I surrounded myself with Catholics, but it happened, and we celebrate Feaster in the holiest of ways by shoveling food in our pie-holes.

It was a group cooking effort and at the end of the day we had all consumed- muffins, bailey’s scones, cinnamon rolls, banana bread and caramel sauce, eggs benedict, many cookies, ham, rabbit, casserole, and pulled pork sliders. Also we all pretty much swam in mimosas.

All in all a successful feaster.

And now after that novel of a post, I’ll leave with promises of a recipe soon to come.


New Happenings.


A warning- there’s going to be a flood of posts today. And by flood, I mean probably two. Maybe three. There’s no stopping me.

So, as y’all can see, I haven’t been too consistant with posting. I’ve read a bazillion different bloggers write about hitting walls in writing and posting. I was always like “Who cares? Just suck it up and post.” Well, I get it now.

I’m pretty sure I just got bored. I’ve been doing the same thing now since I started in September. One post and recipe a week. Blahblahblah. After a while, even my incredibly witty and hilarious banter doesn’t cut it if it’s the same old thing week after week.

So I’m gonna revamp. I’m drawing inspiration from a make-up blog I follow (make fun all you want), where she does different series.

First, the Key Lime Pie video post will not be the last! I’m hoping to do a video post once a month. Along with a meal challenge my friend Richard and I have done in the past that was a ton’o'fun. Basically he goes nutso in the grocery store buying a bunch of random ingredients and I have to use all of them to create a cohesive and edible meal.

So there’s just a couple series ideas I have, but I’d love your input. What series would want to see? Video or otherwise. If you have any awesome series idea (the more ridiculous the better) you can email me, tweet me (just click the twitter icon below) comment down below or send smoke signals.


The Reason I’ve Been Neglecting All Of You.


It’s because I’ve come to realize I hate you all.


You’re all wonderful, beautiful human beings. I adore each and every one of you.

I’m in New York, as I think most of you know by now. I admit I had some pretty big dreams of grandeur for the trip. My boyfriend lives here in New York and one of the main reasons I came out here was to help him move in to his new apartment in Forest Hills, Queens (a beautiful neighborhood for those of you who haven’t memorized the individual neighborhood layouts of the five boroughs).

I had these fantasies of us roaming Manhattan calmly, browsing in little boutiques to find just the right finishing touches to make his apartment home-y and chic all at the same time.

Not what happened.

Cut to us sprinting through Ikea trying to get out quickly so we’re not stranded in Red Hook, Brooklyn (NOT a beautiful neighborhood-I’m pretty sure 3 out of 4 openings to Law and Order take place in Red Hook, however the best Key Lime Pie on the planet and Ikea are there) after dark. Both of us hangry (hungry/angry) and complaining of tired feet, yelling at the other to keep going.

Cut to me, sweaty and hangry (there was a lot of hangry going on) assembling said Ikea furniture until I couldn’t move my fingers.

Cut to us hangrily sorting through curtains at 10:45 in target unable to find the right size in ANYTHING we need.

Basically, there wasn’t too much time for cooking. It’s been just over the past few days we’ve been able to slow down and enjoy our surroundings.

We even went and saw Avenue Q! I’ve seen it before, but in the middle of this showing the fire alarm went off and the entire theater complex had to evacuate. After a while, it was deemed safe to go back in and the show went on.

Later on boyfriend and I (he’s a filmmaker with his production company Suddenly Tragic and I’m also involved with a production company Get Out Of My Head) came across an incredible filming opportunity which we’ll be producing in January- so watch out for that!

Anywho, now the apartment is beautiful and put together, and tomorrow we both take off for California to have Thanksgiving with my family and then take off for Disneyland. Charmed life, I know.

I’ll keep y’all updated! I have some backlogged recipes I’ll attempt to get around to posting, but bear with me!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving.


My Kitchen Loves My Birthday


As of October 15th I am yet another year older.  Not sure about the wiser part, but I’m working on it.  And thanks to my incredible friends and family, I made out with a good haul this year!!!  My kitchen is definitely full-er (not a word) and I am a very happy Kelsey.  I thought I’d share some of the awesome things that I and my kitchen are going to benefit from. Also I got a Disneyland pass!! My kitchen isn’t going to benefit from that, exactly, but my happiness will. That’s important.


I have a really good excuse, I promise.


So there’s not a recipe this week, and I hope you’ll understand why as I’m pretty sure this reason will pop up more than a few times in the near future.

I was in Disneyland and it was amazing.

I had an Annual Passport last year and I decided to give it up this next coming year. It expired in March and it was awful and slightly traumatizing. Well, lucky for me, tomorrow (October 15th) is my birthday and after seven months of being pass-less I decided I was done being without one. My oh-so-kind mother indulged me, and I am now the proud owner of a Disneyland Annual Passport again!!!

Kat (my photographer), Rhonda, Lisa and myself got back yesterday from the happiest place on earth, after two days of running around for 12 hours straight.

It. Was. Amazing. AND!! The second day we were there was declared treat day. My favorite treats in Disneyland hail from Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country, but it was way too hot (105-ouch) for chocolate-y treats. Despite the heat, I was inspired to recreate some of my own favorite Disneyland treats, so prepare thyselves for next week’s Disneyland inspired post!!!

In the meantime, as a consolation prize for waiting, enjoy this.

I’m so jealous of her life.

Allow me to introduce myself.


Hi there. I’m Kelsey.  How’re you?  I’m great, thank you!  I’m great for a few reasons: 1. As I’m writing this it’s Friday; 2. I just discovered Blue Planet was narrated by David Attenborough and 3. I’m starting a food blog!

I suppose one could say that I was always comfortable in the kitchen, especially after watching my father, who was a professional chef and successful restaurant owner, cook nightly for my brother and myself.  But I’ll be the first to admit I got a little lazy, because when you have someone like my father in the house, one is not so inclined to cook when that man could plate pure culinary gold instead.

Unfortunately for me, society dictates that it’s not entirely acceptable to live with your father past a certain age.  And trust me- I pushed that date as far as I could.  The day finally came when my father bid me an enthusiastic adieu and I silently wept inside.

With my meager kitchen supplies, I set out to eat well on a tiny student budget, which isn’t too difficult to do in San Francisco with the abundance of fresh and dirt cheap produce that surrounds me.  I began concocting nightly masterpieces and quickly remembered my love for time spent in the kitchen.  I’ve been going ever since, cooking not only for myself but mainly for my lovely group of hungry friends.

My style of cooking is very much trial and error- followed by a generous amount of tweaking and (hopefully) improving.  I’ll typically start with a base recipe or concept and work my magic.  It’s rare that I’m entirely happy with a finished product the first few times around.  The second I plate something and taste a dish I’m about to send out to the table, I’m stirring over in my head ways to improve and perfect.  But that’s how cooking should be right?  It should be a giant wonderful experiment.  Even if it’s not so wonderful sometimes.  Maybe even a little burned.

I also believe that you don’t need fancy kitchenware to cook well.  I don’t have a KitchenAid or even a hand mixer; my doughs, crusts, whipped creams, frostings, and everything else are done by hand.  If you have the pretty appliances I lack, by all means use them as you know how, but keep in mind I will be posting recipes from my po-dunk, appliance-less perspective.

I hope to post my weekly adventures and share photos, videos and recipes along with my plentiful trials and errors.