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Green Smoothies


See, I told you I’m eating healthier.

Except on Valentines Day. I pretty much ate my way through Valentines Day (it landed on a cheat day). My boyfriend looked on with a mixture of pride and disgust.

However, a green smoothie is one of the best things ever to detox from Valentines Day AND Mardi Gras which is coming up on Tuesday (February 21st) AND anything else you do on your Saturday night that you try to hush up.

Seeing as they pack a ton of veggies into one impressive drink, green smoothies are crazy good for you. And since they’re so fabulous, there are about a bazillion recipes out there for green smoothies and they’re all wonderful. It’s just really about tuning in on what you want in yours. The one below is packed with all of my favorite things, including a green tea base which puts a nice pep in my step. Yeah, I said it.

Another thing y’all should know about the green smoothie, is even though it looks mildly disgusting, the flavor of the pear overpowers everything else. I promise.


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