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Chicken Gyros


I’ll admit it. It’s not my most complex recipe.

But good thing you don’t care about that since this is tasty delicious anyway. And healthy for you! I’m sure y’all were concerned about that.

Now that I’ve started working-out hardcore, I could spend approximately 99 percent of my time stuffing my face. Out of that stuffing-face-time, if left to my own devices, I could probably stuff my face with gyros 73 percent of the time.

If I were Julie Andrews, I would add ‘gyros’ to a melody I’d sing to frightened children during a thunderstorm.

If I were Oprah, I’d give them to manic audience members for Christmas.

They’re good, yo. I’m not lying.

Also…before we start, a pro tip. They’re pronounced ‘yee-rohs’.

Now you know everything I know. Let’s do this party people.

OH!!! And THIS is what you’re going to want to bust out the mint and lemon garlic tzatziki for! DO IT.

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Stuffed Shells


Remember that one time a week or so ago where I gushed about how lucky you were because you got TWO posts that week?


Turns out I lied. My bad.

I was having a grand ole time in The Big Apple, and since I happen to completely lack any discipline, the follow up never happened until now.

But I was being productive I swear. My boyfriend and I filmed a ton of stuff, a few things for this very blog and something we’re hoping to submit to a few film festivals around New York. I’ll make sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, make sure to check back in on Thursday for the very first recipe video.

That’s right. Video. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

For now, as promised a really long time ago, I have a perfect way for you to put that homemade pesto to good use.

I love this recipe. It’s so flavorful, and since each shell is packed full, it only takes a couple to be satisfied which also makes it a perfect recipe to share with a big group of friends.

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Who Doesn’t Love A Panini?


I have a story. Sit tight.

Despite being divorced now for about 21 years, my parents remain on very good terms with one another. Always have. And still to this day they get each other Christmas/Channukah gifts.

Sometimes I get recruited to help pick out presents for each side. This particular year took place some 5 or so years ago. Mom and I were walking around Costo feeling the cheer of partly the holidays but mostly free samples and she asked what I thought she should get my father that year for Christmas.

We happened to be walking in the kitchen appliance aisle, and I saw a panini press. I had strangely wanted one for years. Because who doesn’t love a panini??? I think it’s a rather reasonable thing to lust after, and I had been. For a long long time. My father on the other hand would find no use for a panini press.  He’s an old school cook and a no-frills guy in a kitchen.

Well the great thing about my father is he will love any damn thing you get him. Seriously. He is so moved by the idea that someone thought of him long enough to get him a present, he will be taken-a-back by anything you wrap and place in front of him.

Knowing this, I decided to exploit it for my own benefit. Because apparently none of my father’s good heart has rubbed off on me at any point in my life.

Sure enough, Christmas day comes, pops unwraps the press and genuinely loves it. Takes it out of its box, puts it in a prominent spot in the kitchen and doesn’t touch it once. I, however, used it many times and when the time came for me to move out- I took the sucker with me. Thanks, dad!

Now after that long story, I realize that probably not many of you have conned your nice, un-expecting parents into buying weirdly specific kitchen appliances, and I swear to you that was the only time I can remember doing that. I probably haven’t done it since.

So not only do I have a delicious panini recipe for you to enjoy, but I’m happy to say it involves a no-thrills method using only things you already have in your kitchen. Let’s get to it!

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Tomato and Yam Focaccia Galette


Welcome to the galette.

It’s an incredible dish with identity issues.  It doesn’t know if it’s a pie, a tart or a pizza.  Thank god it’s pretty.

I’ve mainly experienced sweet galettes, with a pie crust edge and thinly sliced fruit for the filling- typically apples or pears.  It’s a beautiful, rustic dish, but as y’all know I can’t just settle for a run of the mill recipe or concept.  I like to change things up a little, so that’s what I did.

I decided to use a focaccia dough, since it’s such an easy and deliciously savory bread and I decided fill it up with tomatoes and yams, which are perfect for roasting.  This dish is the epitome of autumn.

It’s a fairly easy process, although the focaccia takes a while to rise, but it’s so worth it.  Let’s get to it!

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Risotto Stuffed Peppers


Sometimes I choose to cook things based solely on how fancy they sound.

I guess I should expand.

Summer is over in San Francisco.  Here, we have two seasons.  Two. Sunny and warm or cold and foggy and/or rainy.  That’s all we got.  No pretty leaf changing, no light spring breezes, just the warm or the cold.

Remember last week’s post in which I talk about how it was sooooo hot and the only cure was more barbecue? Right, well last week is over and as I stare out my window all that greets me are gray skies and rain. You had a good run, summer.  It was a solid two weeks and I will miss thee.  In the meantime, I think some cold weather food is in order to help us pass the time.

And to be fair, winter is the keeper of my favorite dishes. It’s the season for rich, hot foods and what better way to kick it off than a risotto? I love risotto because it’s made with a few simple ingredients that combine to make the perfect cold-weather meal. Also I feel fancy whenever I make it- it’s just one of those dishes.

Might as well stuff it in a pepper and bake it, right?! Right!

Then you can feel SUPER fancy.

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Let’s do this, party people. (more…)

Pulled Pork Sliders


So yesterday, my friend and amazing photographer Kat turned her living room into a pirate ship. This is not unusual.

I decided that the new renovations to the place along with the scorching September San Francisco heat called for something special. Something delicious. Something slow cooked and smothered in barbecue sauce. Something like pulled pork.

Pulled pork has got to be one of my favorite meals on the planet and I’ve got my friends hooked as well ever since I made it for them on Easter. It requires short hands-on time, but a lot of waiting. It’s a slow cooked meal that takes all day, but the crock-pot does the work for you and it is beyond worth it. Trust me on this. Have I lied to you yet? I deserve your trust by now.

And while I don’t own a crock pot (although it’s on my wish-list), a friend’s mother is kind enough to let me borrow hers when I get a craving. I’m sure if you don’t have one, someone you know does and if you compensate them with a few of these sliders, they’ll never hesitate to let you borrow it on a whim.

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Enough talking! Let’s get to it. (more…)