Trial and Error

I haven’t abandoned you.


I haven’t posted in a million years. Sorry!! But here’s the deal.

I’ve been approximately everywhere except for my own home in the past month. I went down to Santa Cruz to work a couple long weekends in a row, I’ve gone to New York, and then BACK down to Santa Cruz to work, and then to some family get-togethers.

Being home feels soooooo good. You don’t even know. Although next week I’m packing up and going, where else? DISNEYLAND!!!!

Uuuuugh SO excited!!

Anywho, I figured I’d do a life update to fill you guys in until I can get another post up, which SHOULD be soon.

Like I said, I’ve been on planes, trains, and automobiles (buses, blarg) for the past month. I’m still doing all my great new healthy stuff, and I’m happy to say I’ve lost about 25 pounds! Cool, right?

And, as we all know, the best part of it all (besides the losing weight part or whatever) are the cheat days.

Normally I start to feel ill around 11 am, and I just work through the pain for the rest of the day. Cheat days require dedication. And I am very dedicated to them.

Two weeks ago on a cheat day I discovered one of my new favorite places on earth. It’s called Max Brenner, it’s in New York in Union Square, and it’s pretty much Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.

The boyfriend and I split bacon macaroni and cheese for dinner and then shared a dessert. And are you guys ready for this? It was a churro fondue.

Churro. Fondue.

One more time. Churro fondue. Oh muh lawd. They give you six fairly large churros along with pots of melted chocolate and toffee, and a bowl of raspberry preserves. I so gracefully pretty much made-out with four of the churros. I kindly allowed the boyfriend to enjoy two.

Have I mentioned I lost 25 pounds?

Then last Sunday was Easter, or Feaster as it’s known among my group of friends.

I’m not sure how I surrounded myself with Catholics, but it happened, and we celebrate Feaster in the holiest of ways by shoveling food in our pie-holes.

It was a group cooking effort and at the end of the day we had all consumed- muffins, bailey’s scones, cinnamon rolls, banana bread and caramel sauce, eggs benedict, many cookies, ham, rabbit, casserole, and pulled pork sliders. Also we all pretty much swam in mimosas.

All in all a successful feaster.

And now after that novel of a post, I’ll leave with promises of a recipe soon to come.


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