Trial and Error

I have a really good excuse, I promise.


So there’s not a recipe this week, and I hope you’ll understand why as I’m pretty sure this reason will pop up more than a few times in the near future.

I was in Disneyland and it was amazing.

I had an Annual Passport last year and I decided to give it up this next coming year. It expired in March and it was awful and slightly traumatizing. Well, lucky for me, tomorrow (October 15th) is my birthday and after seven months of being pass-less I decided I was done being without one. My oh-so-kind mother indulged me, and I am now the proud owner of a Disneyland Annual Passport again!!!

Kat (my photographer), Rhonda, Lisa and myself got back yesterday from the happiest place on earth, after two days of running around for 12 hours straight.

It. Was. Amazing. AND!! The second day we were there was declared treat day. My favorite treats in Disneyland hail from Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country, but it was way too hot (105-ouch) for chocolate-y treats. Despite the heat, I was inspired to recreate some of my own favorite Disneyland treats, so prepare thyselves for next week’s Disneyland inspired post!!!

In the meantime, as a consolation prize for waiting, enjoy this.

I’m so jealous of her life.

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