Trial and Error

Allow me to introduce myself.


Hi there. I’m Kelsey.  How’re you?  I’m great, thank you!  I’m great for a few reasons: 1. As I’m writing this it’s Friday; 2. I just discovered Blue Planet was narrated by David Attenborough and 3. I’m starting a food blog!

I suppose one could say that I was always comfortable in the kitchen, especially after watching my father, who was a professional chef and successful restaurant owner, cook nightly for my brother and myself.  But I’ll be the first to admit I got a little lazy, because when you have someone like my father in the house, one is not so inclined to cook when that man could plate pure culinary gold instead.

Unfortunately for me, society dictates that it’s not entirely acceptable to live with your father past a certain age.  And trust me- I pushed that date as far as I could.  The day finally came when my father bid me an enthusiastic adieu and I silently wept inside.

With my meager kitchen supplies, I set out to eat well on a tiny student budget, which isn’t too difficult to do in San Francisco with the abundance of fresh and dirt cheap produce that surrounds me.  I began concocting nightly masterpieces and quickly remembered my love for time spent in the kitchen.  I’ve been going ever since, cooking not only for myself but mainly for my lovely group of hungry friends.

My style of cooking is very much trial and error- followed by a generous amount of tweaking and (hopefully) improving.  I’ll typically start with a base recipe or concept and work my magic.  It’s rare that I’m entirely happy with a finished product the first few times around.  The second I plate something and taste a dish I’m about to send out to the table, I’m stirring over in my head ways to improve and perfect.  But that’s how cooking should be right?  It should be a giant wonderful experiment.  Even if it’s not so wonderful sometimes.  Maybe even a little burned.

I also believe that you don’t need fancy kitchenware to cook well.  I don’t have a KitchenAid or even a hand mixer; my doughs, crusts, whipped creams, frostings, and everything else are done by hand.  If you have the pretty appliances I lack, by all means use them as you know how, but keep in mind I will be posting recipes from my po-dunk, appliance-less perspective.

I hope to post my weekly adventures and share photos, videos and recipes along with my plentiful trials and errors.


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